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Clean torrent Microsoft Photo Story

Microsoft Photo Story is a presentation program from Windows Photoshop. See Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker if you are looking for a similar program for Windows Vista or 7.

With Microsoft Photo Story you can drag your photos to the window, arrange them where necessary and then provide a narrative story, transitions, zoom, pan, audio soundtracks and / or automatically generated music and then export the result as a WMV file.

The app such functions canmay be uncomfortable for some programs, but not in Microsoft Photo Story. It is because you do not have to adjust the whole set of settings, because the program does this for you, automatically generates transitions and zooms / panels, without having to configure it yourself. Moreover, the generated by the predetermined aspect are large.

You just have to sit down and have Microsoft Photo Story do everything for you, there are many more you can play if you’re adventurousfeels. You can, for example, create your own music for the slideshow. You can choose between musical genres, time, instruments and bumper effects, so you can control the sound precisely with the atmosphere of your show.

Microsoft Photo Story output is in Microsoft’s WMV format, which is more compressed than MPEGs or other film-like files. You can choose from different resolutions to optimize the slideshow. Unfortunately, however, the software outputs are not like thatclear that they would be in VCD or DVD format.

It’s a shame that Microsoft Photo Story does not support burning DVDs and VCDs with the created slideshow and you need your own DVD editor for this. There are applications, such as ProShow, that include recording options and support the output with the highest resolution, but there is not much that can be combined with Photo Story in terms of ease of use and automated functions.

So, if you want a quick oneway to create excellent photo presentations, Microsoft Photo Story is worth the download.

Microsoft Photo Story

Clean torrent PC Screen Capture

PC Screen Capture is an easy and high-performance package that allows users to record screen contents in real-time script. Functioning in the same way as other bindings, like Snagit or Greenshot, the main advantage of this system isabsolutely free for download and installation. It is supported by most Windows operating systems.

Main Features and Functions

zPC Screen Capture allows the user to mark the contents of the entire page or record, to which they want to save the sections as a separate fileImages. Unique drag and drop and drag and drop functions are ideal when information needs to be stored for a short time. All controls are located in the top menu, so access to the main functions is never a problem. Multiple file types,such as JPG, .bmp, .gif and all are supported.


Users can also choose for PC Screen Capture directly from front to voerenUSB to follow as opposed to downloading the program on the hard drive. You can pre-select parts of the page, such as bookmarks andaddress bar, or grab the navigation menu. This system is ideal for websites to troubleshoot problems or send specific images to friends.
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PCScreen Capture supports the following formats



PC Screen Capture